Assaf Breed

ASSAF is an established sheep milk breed that originated in Israel at the Volcani Research Center in the 1950’s by combining the Awassi and East Fresian breeds. This new was then exported to Spain on several occasions between 1977 and the 90’s.

In Spain, the ASSAF Spanish Breeders Association (ASSAF.E) implemented a solid and accurate genetic improvement program as the breed grew. This improvement program not only increased the quality of the milk, but also the quantity of milk, making the ASSAF breed the best producing sheep breed in the world.

We are very proud to be representatives of the Spanish ASSAF Breeders Association representatives in both the US and Canada. This allows us to work closely with ASSAF.E, bringing their outstanding genetics to North America to help increase the quality of American and Canadian flocks and farms. (See video).